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Created 26-Jun-12
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Flashlight fish (Anomalopidae) in the wild, shot a night on a shipwreck in Papua New Guinea. Images are assembled composites from over 5,000 frames taken over the course of 15-20 minutes. Realtime video of the flashlight fish can be seen here:

Behind-the-scenes pictures in this gallery are from Matt Segal. Please contact him if you are interested in licensing any of the behind-the-scenes pictures.
Flashlight fish in the wild (composite) 1Flashlight fish in the wild (composite) 2Flashlight fish in the wild (composite) 3Flashlight fish in the wild (composite) 420091218_88W5913_MattSegal20091218_88W5904_MattSegal20091218_88W5915_MattSegal20091218_88W5928_MattSegal

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